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Are you looking to make a steady and consistent passive income? Have you found a safe, tested and trusted platform for your financial investments? Look no further, as we welcome you to our haven online investment platform. Welcome to coinvance.com!

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  • Site Started
  • 2015-11-11
  • Running Days
  • 1415 Days
  • Total Accounts
  • Average of 2300/day
  • Active Accounts
  • Over 1.5 million
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Who we are?

Coinvance.com is a registered online investment platform, created for individuals and organisations looking to make a steady and consistent passive income, hassle free. This is possible because of our large portfolios of investments , which include agriculture, real estate, transportation, forex, precious metals and stones and crypto currencies, to mention but a few. Our company has done this successfully since we opened on 11th November 2015. Presentely, we have over 1.5 million active accounts and an average of 2300 new accounts opened daily.

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