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These testimonials are thank you mails sent to support@coinvance.com by our investors:


  Just tot I should say great job , guys. Today makes it a year since I started investing with you guys. Thanks for all the good work.
   Rob , USA.


  I'm so greatful coinvance. Lost my job 3 months ago, but because of you lot, my standard of living hasn't changed. I love you coinvance 
    Raj, India .


First of,  thank you all for this good stuff. I've really enjoyed your financial services. Not trying to be greedy, but I was wondering if you could discuss a larger ref bonus for those of us who have introduced up to 500 people.... (I've over 500 by the way, check my account). This will be greatly appreciated. ...
     Tolu, Nigeria.


  Coinvance.com, thank you so much. Paid the balance of my mortgage today. I would have been homeless officially today, if not for you. It was so tough for me before I was introduced to your company. I'm so so happy. I owe you all lots of kisses.
  Jane, USA.

   I want to suggest to you people that you do advert in Ghana. What you are doing is very good. If more people know I'm sure the whole Ghana will love to join 
   Kwame, Ghana

  Please do you need representers for coinvance in Indonesia? I will be glad to do it for you. For past 5months Coinvance changed my life.
     Habibie, Indonesia

 Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you and thank you again , Coinvance is the best. My very first new car. Just couldn't help but say thank you and send you the pictures.
   Tosin, Nigeria 


Coinvance make me extra happy. I write to say hello, how you doing and thank you. I make 50% profit today. Very happy!! Thank you so much.
   Angiv, india


God bless you all coinvance.com. I don't regret investing money with you at all. Best bargain I ever made.
   Tom, south Africa.