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 Transaction fee for withdrawals and transfers?

We charge 1% withdrawal fee of the requested withdrawal amount

For internal internal transfers, we charge the seller 1% of the amount transferred. 

 What is the possibility of the platform folding up

Our interest rate is based on worst case scenario and is gotten from the minimum profit recorded in the last calendar year. In the unlikely case of a little drop in revenue for a day, we have recorded more excess gains to cover for such unexpected incidence

 How do I make deposit?

You can buy from any member that has the required amount in his available balance. The seller simply makes internal transfer from his available balance to yours. The transfer request is executed by the system immediately. Alternatively, you can send your money to our bitcoin wallet and comment your username in the description. We will credit your account in less than 24 hours after payment is confirmed 

 Can multiple deposits change my plan?

No. Every deposit is handled separately

 How do I withdraw my money?

Very easy! Fill the withdrawal form and your bitcoin wallet will be credited in less than 24 hours. You can also sell to members that are willing to buy. Such transactions are instant

 Transaction fee for deposits?

There is no transaction fee for deposits

 How can I make money from referrals?

For every member you refer, you get 2% commission on the invested amount. You keep getting bonus for as long as the member invests with us