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Terms and Conditions

We desire that every investor gets the best out of their investments in coinvance, for this reason, we’ve developed a set of community standards

These policies will help you understand what kind of conduct we expect at, and what type of operations constitute a violation of our community standards. By reading and continuing to use this site you agree to the following conditions of use.

1.   We have created a secure platform, but accepts investors from all over the world. We cannot guarantee their characters. We therefore advise that you do internal transfers strictly with people you know. If you don't know a member, do not transact with such a person.

2.   Should you find that your transaction is not honoured by the individual you have transacted with, report to us at support@coinvance.compromptly. We will take immediate action, and will close such individuals accounts if they're found guilty after investigations. Quick reports to us will enable us to temporary block the account until investigations are carried out. We will thank you for it and make sure you are whole again financially. 

3.   As we have noted above. We cannot always guarantee the character of individuals. We weed out untrustworthy members promptly, but new members join us everyday. If you are not sure of a member we have advised that you transact directly with us. As much as we can humanly, we will always make sure we investigate and make you whole, but please note that won't be held liable for any loss in an internal transfer transaction

4.   In our bid to remain your safe haven for financial investments, we are constantly on the look out for more profitable business investment opportunities. Coinvance therefore reserves the right to change its business investments without any notice to investors.                        

5.   We live in a world of dynamic business environment, and we can only speculate on the future based on informed expert business analysis . There is however no perfect business and somtimes things change. Coinvance reserves the right to adjust investors daily profit rates during such times without prior notice to investors. Rates will be reverted when conditions stabilise. 

6.   coinvance will not share any of your personal financial information with a third party, except subpoenaed in cases where the investor is accused of financial  crimes.

7.   Your peace of mind is our uttermost concern. Please foward all complaints to we will take immediate action.